On Some Days by Rohit Pandey

On some days
I wish if someone could take care of me,
Someone to come gently to me and ask in a caring voice as to what I need.
On most of the days
I am fine
and can carry on
with the fake masculinity – of getting the task done, of being ahead in the queue and being in
On some days, I am that kid
who is still discovering this world – still questioning and still scared of the unknown.
On most of the days
I am the rose with the thorns all around and protected
but on some days
I am that delicate seasonal flower
to be taken care of – watered and sheltered.
On most of the days
I wish some of these days did not happen.
On most days I know I am responsible for myself
On some days,
my wish is that all this was not true.
But then on most of the days
I get up and take my life in my hands
and work with it
On one of these days
it will all fall together.
With that I hope most of these days will pass.


Poem by: Rohit Pandey
Voice Over: Surbhi Manit Datta
Music: Side A – Side B Productions By Vikas Miglani

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