First You Plz

First You Plz by Nisha Thakur is a story comprising love, friendship, commitment and heartbreak. The story begins with the three best friends Avanti, Meenakshi and Rachana on the threshold of a new venture in their lives — they are about to begin their MBA. Pleased are they with this new and exciting journey, and look forward to a future full of fun and togetherness. Avanti’s life takes an interesting turn when she falls for a guy called Aakash and soon starts yearning to be loved in return.

She wants to know everything about him and is overwhelmed with distress when she learns that Aakash is in a relationship already. Her friends, sensing her trouble, try their best to persuade her to forget about him, but it all goes in vain.

The book is more of a novella and ends in less than a hundred pages. The English used is poor and there are a number of jarring grammatical errors, not to mention the extremely lengthy sentences that annoy the reader.

The only factor that appealed to me in the entire story is the strong bond of friendship among the three friends Avanti, Meenakshi and Rachana. Avanti as a protagonist fails to make a mark. She is shown to be highly immature and her dialogues aren’t well written. No effort has been put into designing the cover page either. It is mandatory to make the external appearance a little appealing to entice the readers, but the cover of this book is too plain for words.

Writing a book is not an easy job and considering the fact that this is the author’s debut novel, I would rather target the editor and the publisher than the author herself. The book desperately needs editing.

Ananya Dhawan
Features Editor

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  1. Nikhil Sharda Jan 24, 2014

    An Honest Review in a long time 🙂

  2. Amandeep Rana Jan 25, 2014

    Good one 🙂

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